We love furniture! We specialize in bringing a wide selection of high-end furniture and mattresses to our customers for the lowest price possible.

Our specialty is derived from our unique sourcing techniques, which includes working directly with factories around the world. This allows us to create affordable, Wallaroo’s exclusive furniture that is higher quality and at a better price than our competitors.

Wallaroo’s began in 2014, during owner Nathan Chetrit’s senior year at Gonzaga University. As an accounting student, Nathan used his number crunching abilities and business savvy to begin flipping furniture purchased from Craigslist and local auctions. By mid-2014, he was able to open a small warehouse, which was only open on the weekends — but, business is all about supply and demand, and his furniture was in demand, so he decided to un-enroll for his first year of his Master’s at Gonzaga University and begin working at the shop every day.

Wallaroo's Furniture and Mattresses | Idaho | Spokane | Montana

This business eventually became Spokane Overstock — the predecessor of Wallaroo’s Furniture and Mattresses.

Spokane Overstock specialized in selling high-end overstock from companies like Home Depot and Macy’s. From there, Nathan branched out into selling factory-direct mattresses from Serta and Simmons. Nathan worked as the only salesman for the first two years and learned the importance of customer satisfaction that is instilled in the company. We ensure our customers leave Wallaroo’s and Spokane Overstock stores happy. Sure, there will always be mistakes, but Nathan insists we find a solution that will thrill the customer.

As business was booming, Spokane Overstock opened its first storefront in 2015. Here, Nathan was able to start importing new furniture from his suppliers. At this location, Nathan also began curating his unique approach to sales culture — without massive price tags and middlemen to keep happy, pushy sales folk seemed unnecessary. Instead, we focus on offering the best value in town and letting the furniture sell itself. Our sales folk focus on ensuring our customers find items that fit their needs and aesthetics. From the moment you enter our doors to the moment we drop your furniture off at your home, Wallaroo’s Furniture and Mattresses want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

The next few years were spent growing, expanding, and evolving. In 2017, Nathan opened Coeur d’Alene Overstock, followed by locations in Boise and Missoula in 2018. By mid 2018, having moved away from selling overstock from Macy’s and Home Depot, the company was ready for a change in brand. Thus, Wallaroo’s was born.