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5 Cloud Configurations for Social Distancing

March 23, 2020

5 Cloud Configurations for Social Distancing

Top-Five Cloud Configurations for Social Distancing

The irony of social-distancing is that its also creating a surplus of social time within family units.  By now, you might be craving a meet up with your book club and you might even be missing Debrah by now, even after what she said about your couch last time. Though, she might have a point (which is what bothered you in the first place).

If you’re looking for a new couch, one that will allow for social distancing within your home - and maximum comfort - you might consider the RH cloud. Built for maximum comfort, the Cloud’s modular design also allows you to get pretty creative with your social distancing options. Check out our top-five suggestions below.

1: The Titanic

Sure, you love your partner: they complete you, support you, and help you grow. You couldn’t imagine your life without them - until you’re quarantined together. Then you might need a few extra minutes of alone time.

One great option is throw your partner off a boat - along with a piece of the RH Cloud attached to a flotation device. This should get you a few extra minutes to yourself in the next few weeks. 

2: The Rainbow

This option is ideal for those with a healthy back yard - it is Spring after all. Maybe you’re still feeling some St. Paddy’s day vibes or want to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community - either way, the Rainbow is ideal for you. 

All you need to do is purchase some dye (or make your own with this tutorial) and stack your RH Cloud in an arc. You and your partner might be far away, but they were always your pot of gold anyways!

3: The Fortress

Maybe you need more than six-feet away from your kids for a few minutes. That’s totally natural: they should be at school right now anyways! Did you know you can stack our RH Cloud Pieces on top of each other to create a fortress wall around your children? The high-density foam will also muffle sound - if you save a piece or two of the cloud for yourself, you can take a quick nap!

4: The Wall

By now, your children have most certainly broken free of “The Fortress” and what you need now is “The Wall”. A classic defense system, the wall is the prototype for all social distancing. If you’re not over the ending of Game of Thrones yet, you could recreate some of the epic battles at the Wall. Or just tell your children you’re going to do some live action roleplaying, that they are are the White Walkers, and that they should stay on the other side unless they want to see you spit fire. 

5: The Tetris Master (Nathan’s Choice)


There’s literally nothing stopping you from filling your whole house with pieces of the RH Cloud sectional. That’s a recipe for endless comfort, which means the whole family can curl up after a long day of social distancing and get some much earned and needed rest. There’s no end in sight, so you might as well learn to love every square foot of your home!

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