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5 Tips to Enhance Your Furniture Shopping Experience

March 13, 2020

5 Tips to Enhance Your Furniture Shopping Experience

Shopping for furniture can be a real pain. There’s the aimless driving, the pushy sales folk, and the feeling that you need to settle to get it over with. However, with a little bit of planning and an open mind, the furniture shopping experience can be painless...and maybe even a bit of a joy ride. We’ll hold our breath on enjoyable (unless you take us up on tip 5).

Here’s our top 5 tips for furniture shopping, with a bonus 6th because we think you look cute today!


1: Have a Game Plan


Maybe you have a crabby partner who doesn’t like shopping and is going to have a problem if you drive to a million places without having done your research beforehand. Maybe you’re new to Spokane and haven’t quite figured out exactly what the city planners were thinking when they planned our roads (hint: we’re still trying to figure that out!).

We recommend you plan your stops out beforehand - there’s lots of locations in Spokane and having a plan to navigate these one-way streets is a must! If you’re not in a furniture emergency, you might even plan a few missions out into the world. Who says you need to buy the day you shop? You’ll be taking in a lot of information (maybe you should bring a notebook). You’ll want to process before you make a rash decision and end up with that cute bluish-pink Mid-mod sofa that totally clashes with your grandpa’s dark green recliner.

2: Be Prepared to Measure the Competition


Nothing is worse than getting a piece of furniture home or delivered only to find out that it won’t fit through your door--or that it’s going to take up too much space in your tiny living room! Along those lines, make sure you know the measurements of your entranceways and rooms. 

Having a rough sketch of your room layout and some pictures is a great way to save a headache later on. Plus, it’ll help your salesperson find the right piece for your vision. In theory, every sales floor should have some measuring tools around, but busting out that tape measure could help divert a catastrophe.


3: Have a Direction, not a Destination


We’ve all heard a billion times that it’s about the journey not the destination - and that’s totally true for furniture shopping. It might seem counterintuitive, since you most certainly have some sort of goal in mind, but hear us out.

If you leave the house ready to purchase a comfortable, blue sectional, you’ll almost certainly find one. But will it be the right one? If you’re too quick to choose you might miss out on something great! That’s why we recommend you have a bunch of ideas, maybe a Pinterest board, or some pictures of your friend’s couches that you love.  If you bring in some guidelines and an open mind, you’re much more likely to have an enjoyable shopping experience - one that might end in a totally rad surprise! 


4: Research Materials and Know How to Spot a Good Value


Pricing is a major issue for many furniture buyers. Sure, there’s lots of folks who can afford to shop and big box stores with massive markups and not blink when they overpay for a poorly constructed piece of furniture, but most of us out here are hustling. However, it can be hard to know what questions to ask your salesperson, especially if you’re a first time furniture buyer. 

Here’s a few questions you might ask your salesperson:

  • What materials is this constructed out of?
  • Is this hard wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard)?
  • How does this fabric hold up? Is it easy to clean?
  • What sort of foam are the cushions made of and how does it hold up?

If your salesperson seems at all hesitant to answer any of these questions, it’s a sign you’re not getting a good deal (you’d be surprised how often that translates to a huge price tag). 

5: Be Prepared for Monotony and Break Up the Day


One of the worst parts of furniture shopping is the monotony of big box stores. You’re going to see a lot of brown, lifeless furniture, and you’re going to see a lot of the same brown, lifeless furniture. It’s gonna be tough and someone is going to get bored, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. If possible, you might want to leave the kids at home - but that leaves open a great opportunity for a date-day!

Who says you can’t take a break, grab a burrito and margarita? Maybe you can turn it into a bar crawl (you’re sure to find lots of great places to take a nap along your journey). Kidding aside (or not, we don’t judge), you’re going to need some palate cleansers along the way, so be prepared to take breaks so you don’t make any crabby, rash decisions.

6 (bonus): Come Visit Us at Wallaroo’s Last


At Wallaroo’s, we encourage you to shop around at other stores - we want you to find a piece that fits your vision and lifestyle. If that means overpaying for a big-box item, you go for it Karen! We’re confidant that, at the end of your furniture shopping journey, we’ll stick out as the store with the best customer experience and the best value for our customers. 

You’ll also notice our Sales folk are knowledgeable and passionate about furniture. You’ll notice we offer similar models to our competitors - but you’ll also notice our models are made of better materials and come at a better price. That’s because we value our customers and we know our customers value a fair deal.

You’ll also be very surprised at the unique pieces in our collection. If you read our last blog, you know many of our pieces are designed by Bailee and named after friends and family of Wallaroo’s. There’s simply no other place on earth you can find furniture like ours - and there’s no other furniture store on earth like Wallaroo’s. 

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