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How to Maximize Your Tax Refund with Wallaroo's

February 28, 2020

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund with Wallaroo's

Tax season, for many of us, is filled with the joys of splurging on some new items we’ve been waiting for all year. Maybe you’re going to pick up a new bike for the kids in preparation for spring or maybe you’re going to spend it on a nice dinner. Maybe, you’re in the market for some new furniture! One thing we’re passionate about at Wallaroo’s is making sure our customers get the hottest deal possible on our furniture. This means you won’t need to blow your whole refund at Wallaroo’s and have some fun money left over. 

1: Wallaroo’s Natasha Storage Bed

If you’re living in an apartment, duplex or small home, effective storage is essential, so you may be in the market for a storage bed. However, many of our competitor’s storage beds, like this one at Pottery Barn, have limited size and are overpriced. With our unique hydraulic design, you won’t be limited to storing only what can fit in the drawers.

Pottery Barn's Price for a Queen: $1,519

Wallaroo’s Price for a King: $380

Savings: $1,139

With that amount of savings you could buy a top of the line 65” Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV for $900 to catch the March Madness games on and still go out for a pretty fancy dinner!

2: Wallaroo’s Madison Accent Chair

Maybe your living room is feeling a little stale and you need a new accent piece to liven things up. Wallaroo’s has great prices on accent chairs - especially compared to large national stores. Check out our Madison accent chair compared to this similar design from Ashley Furniture.

Ashley’s Furniture Price: $809

Wallaroo’s Price: $349

Savings: $460

With an extra $460 you could snag this sweet Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker and have an ample budget for a sweet cookout -- Spring is just around the corner, after all.

3: Wallaroo’s RH Cloud

Ensuring maximum comfort at a killer price for every Wallaroo’s customer is our number one priority. One of our hottest deals is on our affordable and super comfortable RH Cloud Luxe. With a modular, easy to clean design, every family can share their evenings together relaxing on a cloud. If you’ve got a smaller living space, we’ve got a petit version as well. It simply blows this similar model from Restoration Hardware out of the water.

Restoration Hardware Price: $1271

Wallaroo’s Price: $420

Savings: $851

With an extra $851 hanging around, you could buy a few Mongoose Mountain Bikes for the family to make sure you get your exercise in, since it’ll be a lot harder to get off the couch with the RH Cloud Luxe around.

4: Wallaroo’s Modern 6 Piece Dining Set with Leaf and Bench

Modern living requires flexibility and utility - that includes your dining table! With 6 pieces, an extendable leaf, and a bench that can work in your entryway, this isn’t your Grandma’s dining table (though we’re sure it’s very nice). It makes this similar model by Wayfair seem like a joke!

Wayfair Price: $999

Wallroo’s Price: $578

Savings: $421

With a chunk of change like that you could complete deck out your dining situation with top of line Stoneware, Flatware, Placemats, and a fresh centerpiece to tie the room together - and still have money leftover!

5: Wallaroo’s Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair

With Easter just around the corner, you might have eggs on the brain! If you’d like to lounge in luxury this spring, our Indoor / Outdoor Hanging Egg chair is just the thing for you. And hey, even if it’s a rainy day, it’s easy to move for some indoor lounging. Sure, you could snag this model from Island Gale, but you'd be paying over double the price.

Island Gale Price: $698

Wallaroo’s Price: $300

Savings: $398

After saving that much, you could deck out the rest of your backyard with a fire pit, tiki torches (no rallies please), and even a pool! Sounds like you’re on your way to a little slice of heaven right at home!

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