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Office Renovation at Wallaroo's

May 29, 2020

Office Renovation at Wallaroo's

The word renovation comes to English from the Latin word, renovat, comprised of the prefix re, meaning again, and the root novus, or new. To renovate, to make new again. However, before it entered the English lexicon and took on it’s contemporary usage, the word took a brief detour in France, where it gained a spiritual appendage we often forget in contemporary home living. The French word, renovacyoun, was used in the 1400’s to refer to spiritual rebirth. This is to say, when we renovate a space, we give it a new life, a new soul. 

At Wallaroo’s, we’ve been renovating rooms in our warehouse priorly used for the storage of misfit and damaged furniture into offices for our President Nathan (who has somehow made it five years without an office) and our growing Marketing Team. The project was completed largely during the quarantine by Nathan and our Marketing Manager Taylor, who were able to work separately and safely under recommended health guidelines. Though, we do owe Bailee a mad amount of credit for throwing some primer down on MOTHER’S DAY.

When we started working on these offices they were grey, dusty, and lifeless. The prior tenants had half-primed the wall and there was some water damage on the ceiling that was just a bit too gnarly for our taste. Not to mention all of the warehouse dust and random party supplies (don’t ask) that had piled up in the room itself. After a couple days of cleaning, it was time to paint. Initially, we’d discussed playing it safe and selected a basic, off-white paint from Rodda Paint Co. But that was before Nathan showed Taylor the Eames chair he’d purchased for the office.

If you’re not familiar, the Eames Lounge Chair was designed by two brothers, Charles and Ray, for the Herman Miller Furniture Company, to have “the warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” An American design made of American wood, the original Eames Chair has become a large part of our cultural fabric, and has been featured on many television shows like Frasier, House, Archer, and Shark Tank. 

With the Eames chair in the picture, we knew we needed something BOLD for the offices, so we settled on Rodda’s 2020 recommendation, “Lioness Yellow.” With the warmth of a Saharan Sun, the color gives the office an uplifting, fierce, and focused vibe. However,  the painting process wasn’t quite as focused, as Nathan needed to take some time to explore is inner Jackson Pollock. This led to a collaborative art piece between Nathan and Taylor, titled “The Lioness Rises” ($1000, contact us if you’re interested).


Nathan curated the rest of the furniture around the Eames chair. Blending mid-century modern stylings with the contemporary functionality of adjustable standing desks. The accent pieces include a cowhide rug (procured by Bailee from Facebook Marketplace), a brass lamp with Edison bulbs, and a Mannequin daringly rescued by Taylor from Nathan and Bailee’s storage space. 

If you’re in the process of giving new life to the spaces in your home, what you fill them with is important. A well furnished room, a renovated room, is a convergence of objects that take on a greater meaning via proximity. This is likely to include important objects like family heirlooms or gifts from friends, the positive vibes that you want to return, but you’ll also want some new items, to, well, make it new. 

At Wallaroo’s, we have unique items from around the world and have a large catalogue of items we can order for you to find just the right vibes for your space, whether you want to feel like you’re in an episode of Madmen or want to surround yourself with beautiful items crafted from reclaimed wood in India. We’re also pretty good at throwing a room together, no matter what it used to look like.

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