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"Where do your products come from?"

We have overstock accounts with big mattress companies and we also manufacture almost all of our own furniture overseas. You can rest assured that we have the highest standards when manufacturing furniture that has our own name attached to it.

"How do you sell the mattresses for so much less than everyone else?"

Overstock’s very specific approach to buying gives us amazing deals on wholesale mattresses. This allows us to move more volume and therefore give you the lowest prices around.

Here are some of the ways we do it:

✓ We BUY DIRECT from the warehouse in bulk, not by specific product orders - Whatever is on the truck is what we get

✓ HUGE VOLUMES, CASH payment, and finding good homes for whatever sizes and styles we get in stock.

✓ Our products will be the PREVIOUS YEAR’S models, scratch and scuff items, and OVERSTOCK unsold by the big retailers.

✓ Products do NOT come with WARRANTIES

✓ Everything we buy is NEGOTIATED for purchase at a PRICE SIGNIFICANTLY under the original wholesale price.

"Does the furniture come brand new in the box?"

Yes our furniture comes brand new in the box. Nothing we sell takes longer than 10 minutes to set up. Most items just require you to screw in legs. Items that require assembly are marked on their individual pages.

"Does the shipping company bring in the furniture?"

If you are close to one of our stores in either Spokane, WA , Coeur D Alene, ID or Missoula, Mt or Boise, ID then yes. We will send our own delivery team that are trained to bring in and set up whatever you purchased.

If you are outside our area unfortunately we will have to use a third party carrier. Third party carriers are not trained on setting up furniture or mattresses and will only bring your products to your door.

"What if my purchase is damaged on delivery?"

We will send you a replacement. Please just mark on the paperwork when your delivery person arrives that the product is damaged on arrival. We will send someone to pick up the damaged product. Then we will promptly send a replacement or if we do not have a replacement we will refund you. 

"Do you offer warranties?"

Any of our furniture that is manufactured by us does qualify for a warranty. Because our prices are bare bones we do charge an additional 5% of the items price for the warranty. You can find a complete breakdown of the warranties here. 

"What if I don't like my mattress?"

If you are unhappy with your mattress within the first two weeks of delivery you may bring it back, as long as it is in original condition, and exchange it for something of equal or lessor value. However since we can not give them back to the manufacturer and we can't sell mattresses that have been slept on we must charge a $100 convenience fee.


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