Cracken Gray Leather Sofa


2 seat


Built for sleek, urban lounging, the Cracken is our premiere European reclining sofa. A European sofa varies from an American sofa in that it’s designed for multiple uses. Sure, you can take a nap on any old couch, but a European style sofa is designed for guests to have a good night’s rest. In addition, the adjustable back allows for everyone in the family to find their ideal lounging position, since every seat moves in two positions. Our European reclining sofa comes in a gray leather upholstery.

Details and Features:

  • Upholstery – Leather
  • Cushions – High-density Foam
  • Base – Hardwood
  • Mechanisms – Steel
  • Two-position sliding reclining back


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Additional information

Weight 379 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 66 × 70 in

Dark Gray


2 seat


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